Furniture factory “Benix” Kaczorowski is a Polish company located in the Kepinski district of Greater Poland. The company was founded in 1993 as a one sole ownership and in 2012 announced its creation of the general partnership. The partnership was created by including the following owners, Bernard, Lidia and Damian Kaczorowscy.

“Benix” has grown into one of the most upcoming and leading furniture companies in Europe and is steady on its way becoming internationally recognized as a leading European exporter.

High quality products and unique design guaranteed the success of “Benix”. By keeping up these standards “Benix” is widely known for its constant new product and technology development. “Benix” currently owns two new modern production facilities with a total area of 60 000 sqm fitted with state of the art technology.

Thanks to this up-to-date technology and around 1000 skilled and experienced co-workers, we are able to provide the realization of numerous and special orders. While maintaining the highest quality standards and the ambition for constant customer satisfaction, we are proudly delivering furniture to all our partners around the world.

  • 2018

    A new branch is open in Sieradz with production area of 500 square metres.

  • 2018

    Sewing department in Zduńska Wola is approximately 150 m2

  • 2017

    Sewing department in Nowa Sól is approximately 500 m2

  • 2016

    start of the construction of another 15000 m2 production hall and development of a new investment called „Szwalnia Grodków“

  • 2015

    putting a new 1200 m 2 office block into use and a purchase of a new wheelset up until the level of 40 trucks, while hiring more than 550 people

  • 2014

    construction of a new hall with a equipment 15000m2

  • 2012

    construction of a modern skyscraper and extension of a 21 000 m 2 factory

  • 2010

    purchase of a modern machinery park, which ensures an increase in the production

  • 2008

    the general partnership has three members: Bernard, Lidia and Damian Kaczorowscy

  • 2007

    a general partnership is created

  • 2006

    purchase of the first trucks and the execution of furniture deliveries only by one's own transportation

  • 2005

    change of the business form - conversion into a civil law partnership

  • 2000

    extension of the factory's area to 14 000 m2

  • 1996

    the first extension of the production hall and an increase in employment up to 100 people

  • 1994

    beginning of an individual production of upholstered furniture

  • 1993

    establishment of the company „BENIX“ as a one - man business